Service Information

Ben-nard Nigeria Limited is the number one company in Nigeria for your Calibration Solutions both in factory and Laboratory equipment. Our preoccupation is to ensure that customers derive optimum satisfaction from their equipment. Our technical team is made up of qualified engineers ,and we have the best of Calibration equipment that ensure Calibration precision.


We have international training certificates and we are registered with regulatory bodies of Federal Republic of Nigeria, i.e standard organization of Nigeria (SON) and Weight and measures under the federal ministry of commerce and industries.

Ben-nard Nigeria Limited has over 20 years experience in Calibration solutions.


                We Calibrate the following:

  •     Pressure gauges
  •     Pressure Transmitter
  •     Temperature gauge
  •     Temperature Transmitter
  •     Temperature sensor
  •     Temperature indicators
  •     Temperature controllers
  •     Safety Value
  •     Flow meters
  •     Transducer
  •     Differential pressure Transmitters
  •     Magnehelic gauge.
  •     Weighing scales
  •     Resistance Temperature Dictator
  •     Vernier Caliper
  •     Micro screw gauge
  •     Fluke multimeter
  •     Clamp meter
  •     Metal ball
  •     Versatile force gauge
  •     Thermocouple
  •     Seal Tester
  •     Thermo hygrometer
  •     Thermohydrometer

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08037195702 or 08123558976

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