Ben-nard Nigeria Limited is a company whose main interest is to ensure that customers derive maximum satisfaction from their equipment.

We are specialized in executing turnkey projects which are the growing part of our business in which we are engaged in designing, managing, installing and commissioning fully functional laboratories.

We assist the customer in setting up and furnishing Medical and Factory Laboratory to the customer's desired standard.

When planning and constructing a laboratory, many aspects are involved and have to be considered. The optimal selection and combination of lab equipment, the management of supplier’s activities, the difficulty to coordinate their commissioning dates and their potential delay in delivery are all tasks that should be coordinated properly to present a complete laboratory within the given timeline.

Dealing with BEN-NARD as a Turnkey project in charge, increases efficiency, assists in attaining the desired outcome, and the time-bound progress of the project as a whole.
BEN-NARD ensures all suppliers meet the high standards in quality and reliability. The advantages for the end-users are evident: observance of milestones and finish date as well as the appointed budget, regular updates from one hand and reliable information about the project progress.

BEN-NARD Turnkey solutions are the best choice for customers that aim to have a timely completion and within the stipulated budget. After setting up the Laboratory, Ben-nard Nigeria Limited will also be there to meet your after-sales services need, like services and maintenance, repairs and calibration of your equipment.

One single point of contact: we take overall responsibility

Contact us today for a partnership and you will be happy you did.