Shipping Policy


  The terms of this section apply where you request that products be delivered to you.


1. Deliveries will be made at the address you specify.

2. We do our best to deliver to you on your requested delivery date and will contact you as soon as possible if that cannot be done.

3. Deliveries will be made to you by a contracted retail delivery driver,a contracted delivery company or direct from the supplier.

4. We retain the discretion to select the most appropriate method.

5. You must be at the address you specify to accept the delivery on the requested date.

6. The delivery can be made at any time during the business days.

7. If you are not at the address on the requested date when we want to deliver, we will leave a message with the information on how to arrange another delivery and You will be liable for any delivery charges.

8. If you wish to change the delivery date or address you must let us know at  least 48 hours prior to the dispatch of goods.

9. Please note, depending on your location and where we are shipping the good from, the dispatch could be up to 14 days prior to  the delivery date.

10. You must Advise us on any difficulties that may be involved in the delivery.

11. If your order is above a particular size, or the location you have specified that we deliver to suggest that it may be difficult to reach (such as up stairs at block or flats) we may ask you to confirm any difficulties that may be involved in the delivery, however our omission to do so does not limit your obligation to advise of any difficulties.

12. If you don't state the situation correctly and on arrival the driver deems it to be difficult location, you will be liable for any extra charges including redelivery fees and the cost of an extra person to assist.

13. You are responsible for ensuring there is suitable access to the location where good will have left.


    Shipping rate:
        Your shipping cost will vary based on your delivery address and package weight.
        For your actual shipping charges call the following numbers:
        08037195702 or 0812358976