Indoor | Air Quality | Controller | - 800045


Indoor | Air Quality | Controller | -  800045 00012
Environmental Quality Meters
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Ideal for HVAC

• Relay Output
• CO2
• Humidity
• Dew Point
• Air Temperature
• Wet Bulb Temperature

Poor air quality may cause tiredness, inability to concentrate, and even illness (i.e., Sick Building Syndrome).

This instrument is ideal for monitoring and controlling indoor air quality in crowded public spaces with potentially high levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide) such as offices, factories, classrooms, hospitals, and hotels.

When CO2 levels exceed a preset limit IAQ controller sends a signal via relay activating ventilation units to bring them back to acceptable levels.

Simultaneous display of CO2 level, humidity, and air temperature, (or the user may choose a rotating display of dew point and wet bulb temperature instead of air temperature).

Also, calculates TWA (Time Weighted Average) and STEL (Short-Term Exposure Limit).

Simple user calibration of CO2 and RH. Features visible and audible CO2 threshold alarms, min/max/ave, and a computer interface.

NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) technology ensures long-term accuracy, stability, and reliability.

In order to connect this model to a computer to stream data, you will need the USB Cable 840054 and Data Acquisition Software 840052.

Indoor Air Quality Controller - 800052 comes with an AC Adapter.

Dimensions: 5 x 3½” x 2½” (130 x 95 x 65mm)
Weight: 9.5oz (270g)