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Round-bottom flasks (also called round-bottomed flasks or RB flasks ) are types of
flasks having spherical bottoms used as laboratory glassware , mostly for chemical or biochemical work.
They are typically made of glass for chemical inertness ; and in modern days, they are usually made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass.
There is at least one tubular section known as the neck with an opening at the tip.
Two or three-necked flasks are common as well.
Round bottom flasks come in many sizes, from 5 mL to 20 L, with the sizes usually inscribed on the glass.

Uses of round bottom flask

  • Heating and/or boiling of liquid.
  • Distillation.
  • Contain chemical reactions.
  • Distilling flask in Rotary evaporators .
  • Storage of the culture media.

Preparation of gas-phase standards for flasks fitted with septa (requires volumetric calibration)
The round bottoms on these types of flasks allow more uniform heating and/or boiling of liquid. Thus, round-bottom flasks are used in a variety of applications where the contents are heated or boiled. Round-bottom flasks are used in distillation by chemists as distilling flasks and receiving flasks for the distillate.