Our Product Benefits

1. Easy to use: Our products contains straight forward information which makes it simple to use.
2. Precision: At Ben-nard Nigeria Limited you can be sure that our products are the best and can give you the accurate results when you use them.
3. After sales service: our experience technical staff will render technical services to you after purchasing our products.
4. Affordability: Our products are reasonable priced there by making it affordable to all.
5. Gives you the best results: You can be certain that when you use our products,it will give you the best results.
6. Durability: Our products has the ability to remain functional without requiring excessive maintenance or repair when faced with the challenges of normal operation.
7. Portability: our products are easily carried about to make your work easier and faster.
8. Full technical support: you can be assured of full technical support when you purchase our products.
9. 12 month warranty: You are given 12 month warranty when you purchase our products.


Why Our Services?

1. Precision: At Ben-nard Nigeria Limited our services are consistently accurate and leads to better results.
2. Enjoy the services of qualified engineers: our engineers have over 20 years experience in technical field, you can be sure of better services when we work on your equipment.
3. Ensure that customer derive optimum satisfaction from their equipment: you can be sure to enjoy optimum satisfaction from your equipment when our qualified engineers work on your equipment.
4. We make use of the best calibration equipment, that ensures  calibration precision: At Ben-nard Nigeria Limited,we make use of best calibration equipment which in turn gives you an accurate results.
5. We issue calibration certificate for each equipment calibrated:We issue calibration certificate which is an evidence that we have calibrated your equipment to the right standard.
6. Optimum functioning of your equipment: As a result of the best services that we render, you can be sure that your equipment will function properly.
7. Professional advice on correct handling and use of equipment: Our trained technicians will give you professional advice on the correct handling and use of equipment as well as other aspect of your equipment.


We are certified by Standard Organization of Nigeria (S.O.N) and weight and measure under the federal ministry of commerce and industries: With this certificates and other certificates of excellence that we have received you can rest assured that we are the best company when it comes industrial and Laboratory solutions..